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Located in the historic Niederdorf area of Zurich, is an arts and culture center serving the multinational community in Zurich. Originally built 150 years ago as a working candle factory, the center on Preyergasse 22 has been recently renovated and opened September 15, 2000.

Just as the candlelight from the original factory provided the source of illumination and warmth to the residents of the old Niederdorf, the new aims to light the way for children and adults of various nationalities to learn about the multicultural life in Zurich.

The is

  • a Korean-oriented cultural center, in particular, it has a Korean library, as well as organizes and implements arts and cultural activities, including various programs for mixed-Korean children.
  • offers everyone an opportunity to learn about and experience arts and culture from different societies.
  • the place to learn more about your neighbors, be they Swiss, American, Korean, Thai...
  • a gathering place
  • an art gallery

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