Principles of Hangul Script

Both the Koreans and the Japanese have for centuries been part of the magnificent Chinesecultural realm, and while their grammar is basically different from Chinese, have used the Chinesewriting system. At the same time they are also very proud of their own indigenous systems ofwriting, which they established after having for so long relied solely on the Chinese system.

It should be noted, though, that the two nations' phonetic alphabets, while they originatedfrom the Chinese writing system, are each a product of different processes of development. Japan'shiragana and katagana scripts both retain the basic form of the ideographic characters in the Chinese system. For example, the Japanese letter is based on the Chinese character , both ofwhich are pronounced the same in Japanese. And the letter is an abbreviated form of the Chinesecharacter in its cursive form. In some cases, the character is almost identical to its Chinese prototype;the Japanese is a very obvious abbreviation of the Chinese character , which is actually an abbreviationof the basic character .

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